#BYOD4L is back, back again…

And so the last twelve months has flown by and we are again in a New Year. This means the start of BYOD4L which is something to look forward to

what is it?

BYOD4L is a bite-size facilitated open course offered over 5 days for educators and students  in HE but also anybody else who would like to learn as to how we can utilise our digital devices for professional, lifelong and lifewide learning. It is a good idea to run this in the New Year as we often receive a shiny new device over Christmas and it’s good to start the Year off with something exciting…

The 5 days covers the following topics

  • connecting
  • communicating
  • curating
  • collaborating
  • creating

At the University of Salford, alongside the inspirational Emma Gillaspy, we will be running a few events to support this course and am really looking forward to this week…


On Tuesday 17th January the theme is Communicating where there are opportunities to stimulate discussion and encourage active engagement in your teaching/learning/research. Feel free to join us in Newton, room 240 from, 1400 to 1500


On Wednesday 18th  January the theme is Curating where we can focus on helping you to stay on top of the latest developments in your area, and to look at how you can organise your documents, ideas and notes. Drop in to Mary Seacole, room 187, between 1200 and 1300 to find out more


On Thursday 19th January the theme is  Collaborating, looking at how to work more effectively and crowdsourcing content using online collaborative tools. Come along to Maxwell, room 819, between 1300 and 1400 to find out more


The final day, Friday 20th  January and the theme is Creating. The focus will be on how to use quizzes and surveys in your teaching and learning. Feel free to pop along to Mary Seacole, room 136, between 1200 and 1300 to join in.


Every evening there will be a twitter chat focusing on the theme of the day, this is fun and very enjoyable. The chats are between 2000 and 2100 and everyone is welcome. If you are new to twitter this is an opportunity to see how twitter chats work, and to connect with a much wider network of people, follow #byod4lchat

Hopefully my blogs will continue, lets see how it goes…………


2 thoughts on “#BYOD4L is back, back again…

  1. Now this Neil, is a clear introduction to BYOD4L, as I have been floundering around G+ and Twitter over last 24 hours trying to put all the pieces together to understand it all, wish I had read this first

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