#BYOD4L Day 4: It’s all about colaboration

The theme for day 4 was Collaboratingall about working together and (getting things done).

There were many blog posts and interactions and this culminated in another great twitterchat, Storify here.

Looking back to the role of co-organiser, the “course” owes its success to wonderful collaboration. Alongside fellow co-organisers we have “collaborated” throughout. Prior to the week there was a lot of (asynchronous) activity in Google Drive, the sharing of documents and working together on the structure of the week. Google Drive is a fantastic resource, really like how the functionality supports working together.

A (synchronous) Google Hangout to explore any issues, agree ways of working and having mutual understanding was also held prior to the week. This was a great Hangout, I have used these many times and they remain a firm favourite.

Once the week started regular contact using Twitter direct messages and Google Drive have been both supportive and fun, sharing a daily update and supporting each other. At times it is difficult to always bee available, this was when others stepped in and keep the momentum going.


It’s great to collaborate, and even greater when you have great collaborators with you – so thank you Sheila, Alex, Chrissi (and Sue)!





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