#BYOD4L Day 3: Getting organised

Day 3 of Bring Your Own Device for Learning has come around so fast, with the topic of Curating

I must admit that this not a strong point of mine, I tend to be a hoarder (this became more evident as I engaged in the Twitterchat). I have a habit of liking tweets (used to favorite them), storing links, etc to “read and share” later. I have to confess that I have a large store of unread and unsorted information that I must get around to dealing with.

A highlight of the day was the Twitterchat, a vibrant, energetic hour of rapid discussion, lively banter and (most importantly) LEARNING. I had the pleasure of facilitating the chat alongside Sue Beckingham, who inspires me with confidence. The chat was another great event and I found myself making notes of tools/apps that I could use to assist with curation.

Looking back to the blog post from last year I recall making a list of apps to try out. I have looked at several of these and have decided now to focus on a couple in order to become more organised and actually start to deal with the many, many saved items that I have. Getting organised.

Looking forward to the next day – Collaborating













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