#BYOD4L Connecting: and we are off

I am writing this blog post after looking back over a great first day on BYOD4L, this time as a co-organiser. 

So off we go, the first day looking at the topic of Connecting. Sheila MacNeill, Alex Spiers and myself embark on this 5-day course as organisers  (with the support of Chrissi Nerantzi and Sue Beckingham) and the first blog post goes out, we await connections to take place.

We quickly see sharing of the blog post and a great deal of activity in the Google+ community, lots of introductions, welcomes and participants eagerly looking at the activities related to the topic of connecting. It was great to see the community supporting each other and reassuring that people are joining in.

The first day also saw the first of the daily Twitterchats, a frantic hour of discussion in posts of 140 characters or less, no mean feat. It is great to see familiar faces but also to welcome others from across the globe. I was managing the chat alongside Alex, who is amazingly calm and a pleasure to “work” with. Following the hour (which seemed to pass in a flash) Sheila spent a great deal of time constructing a Storify of the chat, a fabulous capture of a very busy chat.

Looking back to the day and the focus of the day, I can honestly say that connecting took place, and am really excited for day 2, Communicating







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