#BYOD4L Day 5: They think it’s all over…


The final day of Bring Your Own Device for Learning came and went, and so too did the planned 5 days of this course. The final theme was Creating and the guidance was –

“We want to encourage you to explore learning through ‘making’ – meaning how you can use smart devices and applications to develop original and meaningful outputs as an individual or within groups. An opportunity to find ways to express yourself creatively and develop personal learning activities that are relevant and meaningful to your needs”

The day appeared to me to be a little ‘quieter’ in that there did not seem to be as many posts or conversations happening. Maybe this was due to the fact that it was the final day or that it was a Friday! Looking back I think now that it was the fact that people were busy being creative.

The final twitter chat (summary here), was a frenzy of creativity. Everyone wanted to share their experience of this course in a creative way – pictures, drawings etc, and the chat became a fun occasion.

My own personal ‘creation’ was

photo 2

although not original, this was the first image that came to mind. I have lots and lots of ideas from being part of this course, many of which I hope to implement.

Overall the course has been a fantastic experience. I will not try and name everyone involved as I will undoubtedly miss someone out, so a huge thank you to the organisers, fellow facilitators, participants, observers and those that have not been part of the course, but offered support along the way.

The 5 days may have come to an end but the BYOD4L community is continuing to grow.


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