#BYOD4L Day 4: There is always a way

I cannot believe how quickly the morning comes round, and I am here again writing this short post about my thoughts around yesterday’s events.

The theme for day 4 was Collaborating, with a brief explanation that we all NEED to work with other people. I have focussed here a little on the word ‘need’, as it took me a little while to agree with this, but I do!

The posts from the day were rich and varied and a great twitter chat in the evening helped to explore the issue in more detail.

A few  key themes stood out for me,

  1. The true notion of collaboration, not just working together but the ‘depth’ of this collaboration.
  2. The places in which we can collaborate, with the tools that we have at our fingertips.
  3. The balance between on line and face-to-face collaboration. I have collaborated with people that I have never met in person.
  4. What this means to my own practice, how can I enhance the collaboration between myself, colleagues and students?


I will need to explore some of this myself and look at how I can address some of these issues.

Relating back to the ‘need’ to collaborate, I will add that if I WANT to collaborate there is always a way


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