#BYOD4L Day 3: What are the apps?

Day 3 of Bring Your Own Device for Learning prompted participants to focus on the topic of CuratingAs with the previous days there are 2 videos, one of a student and one of a teacher perspective, and this allows participants the opportunity to make a response to one of the videos, if possible in a different way to previous responses (video, image, artefact etc).

The added guidance

“There is a lot of information out there and this is an opportunity to explore the different ways you can use your smart devices and applications to filter, store, organise and manage information effectively so that you can maximise retrieval for learning and development when needed”

highlighted a particular word for me – applications

Over the last few days I have read many blogs, posts, watched videos and have been making a list as I go along. This list is a list of new apps, which is a rather long, and growing, list. I must confess that (like many others) I do have a habit of hoarding apps and don’t always use them, or recognise how helpful they can be. In terms of curating I have information filtered, stored and organised  in many different places, this often causes some difficulty with how I manage the plethora of information.

My list is too long to add here, but I post a few to remind myself to check them out (acknowledging that I am also storing information on here).

Wordeo, Capture, Appear.In, Delicious, Mendeley, Feedly, Flipboard, Pinterest, Pocket, Zite, Pearltrees, Paper.Li, Padlet, Goodreads,…. I could go on

Confession – I was present at the twitter chat last evening, though did not do a lot of chatting. I found myself exploring some of these apps and flitting in and out of the chat. Capturing the chat on another app (Storify), that I used myself this week,  is another great way of storing ‘information’, the chat can be found here.

Right, now where did I put that app that will make me a cup of coffee……?









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