#BYOD4L Day 2: Keep on blogging

Day 2 of the Bring Your Own Device for Learning course came and went in a blur. There was lots of communication (the theme of day 2) on Facebook, Twitter and Google+. It was clearly evident that people were communicating, by sharing their thoughts, their ideas and their blogs.

Communication is most effective when it is a two-way process. I accept that communication can be one-way, but I also find it helpful when I receive feedback for something that I have communicated. I am by no means a great blogger, but find it helpful to receive comments on the very few posts that I have made. A lot of the blogs I read yesterday were very insightful; with images, videos, personal views and often a questioning type approach. I found myself exploring some of the issues further and learned a great deal about BYOD4L, but also tips on how to make my own blog more creative.I tried to spend what “free” time I had (not much) reading around the various sites and blogs and making a comment and a LIKE here and there, recognising that people spend a lot of their time in communicating their thoughts with others – I felt that it was important to give a response where I could.

Note to self – keep on blogging (and commenting on other blogs)

Theme for day 3 – Curating


2 thoughts on “#BYOD4L Day 2: Keep on blogging

  1. Good point Neil about commenting on blogs or in my case my vlog. Although blogging is reflective and communicates ideas, challenges the mindset it can also be regarded to a certain extent a bit self indulgent. Though Blogging / vlogging can be a way of venting, cleansing, broadcasting or even moaning it still takes time and energy and an acknowledgement of that is always appreciated otherwise you may as well talk to yourself!

    Keep it up Neil.

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