#BYOD4L Day 1: The morning after the day/night before

I am writing this blog post after looking back over a hectic first day on BYOD4L, as a volunteer facilitator.

I started the day with excitement, seeing all the posts in Facebook, Google+ and Twitter, which left me with a dilemma – where do I focus? should I respond to everything? My initial reaction was to spend a little time reading (which was difficult as I had a busy day teaching) and engaging as necessary. It was great to quickly see that the participants themselves were responding to (and supporting) each other, which was not that surprising when I look back – the focus of the day was Connecting.

I tried to keep up with the ‘interactions’ by popping in when I could during the day, and then my focus was on the Twitter Chat in the evening. This was the first time that I had been a facilitator on a Twitter Chat and I was keen to see how this went – I was amazed at how fast the chat was, and became so engaged in the posts that I felt like I was losing control (as a facilitator). It was great that there were 2 of us as I would have found myself getting lost if I was on my own (Sue Beckingham was also facilitating and did a splendid job of this).

Looking back to the day and the focus of the day, I can honestly say that connecting took place.


Now ready for day 2 – Communicating







3 thoughts on “#BYOD4L Day 1: The morning after the day/night before

  1. Loved this Neil. Loosing control is something we need to do more of if we want our learners to owe their learning? I know you agree with me on this anyway 😉

    More #BYOD4L fun today and thanks again for being with us

  2. Hi all,
    I was at a spa yesterday restoring the connecting with myself and engaging in mindfulness. My day seems like it was a foil to yours.
    Hope to do some connecting and communicating today via byod4l. First I have to go and support an osteopath to be and a 2nd year nurse (learning disability branch) via Skype.

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