Bring Your Own Device for Learning #BYOD4L

Monday 27th January 2014 sees the start of a 5-day, free, open online course, for which I am proud to have been asked to be a facilitator.

This course has been put together by Chrissi Nerantzi and Sue Beckingham and looks very exciting. It is a course for students and teachers –  check it out here

The group of facilitators had a Google Hangout and this was a fun occasion where a discussion took place about the course and how we can support the participants. This Hangout was full of enthusiasm and passion,  and a very clear commitment that everyone wants to support a course that creates the opportunity for learning – I left the Hangout feeling very excited.

I have participated in online courses before, mainly for academic staff and over a much longer period, I am keen to see how this progresses.

So, I hope to keep up with further posts about this exciting course and hope to see and connect with people online –  Learning is Fun!


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