Looking back, looking forwards

Another year has started and when I look back at the previous year I do so with fond memories. 2013 was a very busy year, but also a very enjoyable one too!

2013 brought about new friendships, new opportunities and new ways of working. The “digital me” was something that I was encouraged to look at (several times by several people) and I must say that this made me think and look at my digital presence (try searching for yourself on one of the several search engines available). I enjoy the challenge of education and in the flexible and online world that is now part of everyday life. I am careful to be professional at all times and question whether there is a “personal me”outside of my working life. I am a nurse and very proud of this fact – this is vocational so can I ever have a “seperate and personal life?”.

I have enjoyed meeting new students and to share their passion in embarking on a new and exciting career.  I have tried out a few new ideas in my teaching (I enjoy risk taking) and will continue to do so.

Looking forward to 2014 there are several new projects that I have signed up to and hope to have another great year.



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