New module, getting physical, and an award

I always look forward to the start of a new module and the Introduction to Mental Health Nursing is a module that I particularly enjoy. First year mental health student nurses embark on this module towards the end of their first year having completed the first two modules with peers from the adult and children and young peoples nursing programmes.

The last time the module ran I encouraged students to engage on line with a “blog” in which the students could share thoughts, ideas and to ask questions – this was used by some students. This time I have continued with the blog option but have also added twitter to see if this encouraged engagement. Again this has been used by some students but not all.

On reflection I suppose the materials are all there and the students are accessing the site, and are actively engaging in classroom discussions. These classroom discussions are extremely useful and are a great way of checking out understanding but also of developing knowledge and skills, vital attributes for nurses!

This last week has been mental health awareness week with a particular emphasis on physical exercise (which it is claimed boosts your mood). Having been an active cyclist for many years I cycle to work as often as possible and have recently started running, although rather slowly. I recently ran the Clumber Park 10K which I thoroughly enjoyed, a great event for anyone wishing to run at their own pace in a beautiful part of the Country.

Finally, I was extremely proud to receive an award for Best Personal Tutor (for the second consecutive year). These annual awards are run through the Salford Students Union and they encourage students to nominate academic and support staff for various awards. The Union is extremely active within the University and it  is a great honour to be recognised for something that I see as part of my everyday work.






One thought on “New module, getting physical, and an award

  1. Hi Neil,

    Very well done on winning this award. This is a formal recognition of all your hard work and care for your students. Very very proud of you and very pleased I got to know you a bit through FDOL. As mentioned before, I would like to interview you about personal tutoring. I would suggest the following three 3 questions
    1. What do we mean by personal tutoring and what does it involve?
    2. What are the benefits of personal tutoring for students and teachers?
    3. What are some of the challenging and how can we overcome these?
    4. Plus you would ask the audience an open question.

    Would this be ok? We could do this in June some time? Thank you for considering this Neil

    Also regarding blogging and extending classroom-conversations, think about linking it to what you do in class. Could it be used for preparation for example? Have a look at the flipped classroom approach. Could something like that work? Very happy to discuss a variety of approaches you could use that might influence engagement and motivation. Let me know, ok? Thanks.

    Best wishes for a wonderful day and very well done!!!


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