Online learning support, motivation, and finally becoming a “Fellow”

The last few weeks have been very busy and at times like this it is important to continue working on areas that are important to me. I can often feel tempted to concentrate on “what has to be done” and start to neglect those things that I like to do. Having said that I do like to keep busy and enjoy new challenges.

I am continuing on the FDOL course and this would have been extremely difficult without the support of colleagues within this online course. The PBL group I am in is a wonderfully supportive group (Aida, Joanne and Lars) and we are equally supported by a very dedicated and hard working facilitator (Chrissi). Chrissi has the amazing ability to keep us on track and  motivated. At times when I feel that I don’t have time to contribute, Aida, Joanne and Lars will post something on our space that will encourage me to continue. This is a great learning curve for me as this is something that I can use within my own teaching.

Our group have completed unit 3 and unit 4. We have utilised various online resources and have produced our work for others to see. We are interested in other people views on our work and have started a shared blog. Within this blog are links to our work. We are now working on Unit 5 and will be looking at creative ways of collaboration and producing something that summarises our work together.

Finally, motivation has enabled me to become professionaly recognised with the Higher Education Academy (HEA) and I am extremely proud to have become a Fellow of the HEA.


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