Flexible Distance and Online Learning (FDOL)

Back in January I signed up for this online course (FDOL131) as I am interested in developing my knowledge and skills in this area. I looked at the course information and felt comforted by the Problem Based Learning approach to some of the learning units. However I also felt somewhat bemused and out of my depth when I looked at the digital tools available for the course. Many of these tools I had never heard of, Diigo, Scoop it, even wordpress! Twitter was mentioned and I have to admit that my daughters persuaded me to sign up to twitter some time ago, but I had never tweeted – Oh well I suppose I should start sometime. I started to also follow several tweeters (@openfdol, @HEAcademy, @A_L_T, ).
I posted my first contribution to the course on the 5th February 2013, off we go! I added my details on Group 7 and awaited the first Webinar, though unsure what that meant?
The Webinar was great, and was a good introduction to the course, led by Chrissi Nerantzi and Lars Uhlin. I was pleased that I had started this course and keen to learn more. I started to enagage with peers in the group, though this seemed limited to the facilitator and 1 other colleague. Looking back I now realise that several of those that had signed up for the course could not, or decided not to, participate. What started off as 8 groups became pared down to (now) 5 groups. I was moved into Group 1, and this was a great move. In group 1 are 3 other very active and supportive members. As a group we have worked on a Pilot PBL scenario so that we are all familiar with PBL. This was following a Hangout – another new term to me but a useful way of meeting others and sharing ideas.
The group have since worked on another PBL scenario focussed around Collaborative Learning and Communities. This has been a wonderful collaboration with a great group of colleagues.
The discussion is free flowing and despite all working in busy jobs we all find the time to contribute. We have used drop box and google drive to share information and resources and have produced a poster summarising our work, which we hope others will comment upon.
Overall I am enjoying this course so much that I have signed up for another online course ocTEL

Learning is fun


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